Sunday 13 January 2013 Get Lists Of Cool Kindle Books Every Day

You will find that there are hundreds of books uploaded on Amazon for Kindle book owners. But most of these books are substandard and not fun to read. Here to pick the good ones out from that list of daily uploaded books is a tool called FKBme., with FKB standing for Free Kindle Books, is a web service that picks out good books from the list of books daily uploaded onto Amazon for Kindle devices. The books are hand-picked by real people and not a result of a computer algorithm. These books are sorted into categories of nonfiction, fiction, language learning, food, and children / young adults.

These categories are updated around 11 am MST daily, apart from Sundays. You can simply click on the category that interests you and then click on the book you like. You will then be taken directly to its Amazon page.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Picks good Amazon books for Kindle from daily uploaded books.
  • Sorts books into categories.
  • Updates lists 11 am MST, except Sundays.
  • Provides direct Amazon links to books.

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