Saturday 12 January 2013

Dropbox for Android gets better photo management ability

Dropbox app 2.3 update brings better way to manage multiple photos, moving them to album, sharing or deleting them at once.

Dropbox has pushed a new update for its official mobile app for the Google Android platform. The new Dropbox update focuses mostly on the photo organisation and sharing. Dropbox app for Android is thus now updated to the version 2.3 and also brings along number of tweaks and bug fixes under the hood.

The new Dropbox for Android update 2.3 makes it easy to select multiple photos and share all of them at once. Dropbox app in a way tries to offer the basic features of a Gallery app. Users can now select multiple photos and can further share them at once or even delete them. Best part is that the recipient does not require a Dropbox account to view the images.

Photos can also be selected and arranged into a single album. Developers have added user interface improvements throughout the app. The photo management features are already available for the Dropbox app for iOS devices.

Download the new Dropbox app 2.3 for Android devices from the Google Play store.

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