Sunday 13 January 2013

Angry Birds Space gets 30 new levels

New Pig Dipper update adds 30 aquatic levels to the Angry Birds Space game for the iOS and Android platform.

Rovio Mobile has released a new Pig Dipper update for the Angry Birds Space mobile game for iOS and Android platforms. The new Pig Dipper update adds about 30 more aquatic levels to the spatial settings involving physics-based game Angry Birds Space. Basically, the Angry Birds discover a new and peculiar galaxy that has planets composed of water.

Angry Birds Space has been one of the top selling and widely played game on several platforms. The game was first made available on Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. With the added 30 levels, the Angry Birds Space gets even more exciting.

With the new levels, you get to play the game in a galaxy with water-filled planets. These planets have several pigs and other water bodies submerged in the water. Along with 30 new levels, the Angry Birds also get some new power-ups. For instance, the player can make the piggies swell up and float on the water surface by using the Pig Puffer effect. The Space Egg can be used as a cork for the Blackholes. Finally, you can turn one bird in to several birds with the Flock of Birds perk If and when you manage to complete all 30 levels then you will be welcomed with three bonus levels.

The Pig Dipper update for the Angry Birds Space is available for the iOS from the Apple App store and for Android from the Google Play store.

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