Saturday 12 January 2013

Dropbox experiencing sync issues, user data secure

While syncing data with Dropbox is currently facing issues, the company assures users their data is as secure as ever.

Popular cloud storage service provider, Dropbox is now facing some sync related issues. The problem has been found in web as well as mobile apps of Dropbox.

Dropbox has however assured its users that their data is secure and that the developers are working fast to resolve the problem.

The issue caught attention when many users started complaining about the sync facility of Dropbox not functioning or not providing results as expected. Mostly users have reported problems in services like syncing of files, creating of share links and joining and sharing of files and folders.

Dropbox has also apologised to the users about the issue. "We are aware of an issue currently affecting people's use of Dropbox. We apologise for any inconvenience you may be experiencing as we work to resolve this issue," the cloud storage provider said in a statement.

Dropbox app is available for Android, iOS, Windows 8 as well as BlackBerry.

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