Thursday 2 August 2012

ChromeTunes: Play YouTube Videos In Google Chrome

ChromeTunes is an application for Google Chrome users that allows people to play YouTube videos right from within their browsers, not having to navigate to the YouTube website to play the videos.

As the name of the extension suggests, ChromeTunes is an extension made extensively for music lovers. Users can search for music using the ChromeTune extension; which searches on YouTube, and then plays the videos in audio only format making it a great music-streaming player.

Just download the extension and search for the music you want to listen to – search by artist, genre, name or whatever – and double-click on the song to play. The song will keep playing even if the extension is not visible. Users can then quickly change song, or increase/decrease volume by re-opening the ChromeTunes tab.


  • Easy to use.
  • Play music extracted from YouTube videos in your Chrome browser.
  • YouTube being the database makes the amount of songs available to be almost millions.
  • Lightweight and does not lag the browser.

Check out ChromeTunes @

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