Wednesday 22 August 2012

Statsgram: Check Website Trafic, HTML Info, WHOIS & Other Stats

Webmasters employ a variety of online tools to discover internet statistics about the websites they are running. They use these tools not only on their websites but also on similar competing websites to compare their stats with those of others. Many of these tools are free but some of the good ones ask you for a fee for regular usage. Now imagine a single tool that offers you the functionality of all those tools under a single dashboard and that too without asking you for any money; that is exactly what a site called Statsgram offers.

Statsgram is a free to use web service that lets you look up various online stats for any online website. When you first visit the site, it might seem to you like a search engine; but all you have to do is type in a site’s URL in the space provided and stats for it will be quickly fetched and displayed to you. The stats begin with a thumbnail image of the website of which the URL you entered. To the right of the thumbnail image you can see the site properties such as age, page rank, daily average visitors, an estimated worth, IP address, location, and much more.

As you scroll down, you are shown an overview of these stats along with a map indicating which countries does the site get traffic from.

HTML info is shown next and you will find it displays important stats like number of forms, type of content, total images, internal and external links, etc.

These stats are only the tip of the iceberg; you get much more: WHOIS information, a graph indicating traffic trends, search queries, HTTP headers, similar websites, colors used on the site, ranking by countries, and a lot more.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Shows you online stats about websites.
  • Stats include traffic numbers, WHOIS info, HTML info, site overview, etc.
  • Includes a traffic graph to plot stats.

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