Wednesday 22 August 2012

SloPro: Record Video At 60 Frames Per Second [iOS]

The iPhone has a pretty good camera. It takes beautiful still images and works well for recording video, but you can’t always get the frame-rate for what you need to do. That all changed with the launch of a free app called SloPro. They figured out the secret to taking 60FPS videos on your iPhone. Of course, they are keeping their method a secret, but for users, it’s an awesome app for taking video to the next level.

When you play back a video in SloPro, it will play it slowed down to half speed. The reason you would want to record at 60FPS is to slow the shot down and make it look better in slow motion. If there are not enough frames in a video, it will not look right when slowed down. Once you record a video, you can edit it and change the playback speed. You can also share the clip on Facebook and Twitter.

There is an in-app purchase that will cost you $2. With this you will be able to pull the raw 60FPS video from the app and use it for other means. The upgrade also allows you to save videos to your camera roll, email the video and remove their watermark.


  • Record 60 frames per second video on your iPhone.
  • Share your videos on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Edit the clip and change speed right from the app.
  • $2 upgrade provides saving to camera roll, exporting raw video, emailing and removing watermark.

Find SloPro on the iTunes App Store

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