Wednesday 29 August 2012

PicturetoPeople: Get Free Picture and Text Effects Online

Most of us who have social networking accounts add special effects to our images to add to their visual appeal. Mostly desktop applications are used to add these effects but online applications for this purpose are preferred since they do not require any installation thus can be used on any computer with internet access. Although convenient, not all online image effects websites offers a wide range of filters and images. If you are looking for an excellent website that offers not only a wide range of image effects but also text effects, you should check out a website called “PicturetoPeople.”
Picture to People is a free to use website that offers its users an impressive array of image and text effects. The site works on all modern web browsers as long as they have JavaScript enabled. To get started with image effects, simply click on the one you want from the list available on the site’s left pane. Next select your effects type from a list of previews, point to the image file stored on your computer, and then apply the effect by clicking on the “Calculate Effect” button. You will be shown the final image in your browser which you can download as a JPG image file.

Text effects are also offered by the site. As before, you start by selecting the text effect you want to apply.

You are then provided with previews of various sub-effects which you can click to select.

Finally you type in your text, enter the text size, and choose from a list of visually appealing fonts to generate the special effects text.

In conclusion, Picture to People offers its users an invaluable source of image and text effects; the website’s use being free makes it even more special.


  • A user friendly web service
  • Offers numerous visually appealing picture and text effects
  • Lets you select custom font size and font style for text effects
  • Provides final images as JPG downloads

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