Friday 31 August 2012

Click n Drag Checkbox: Select Or Deselect Emails Via Click & Drag [Gmail]

If you just checked your Gmail account and find it filled with trash messages and loads of unwanted emails, you might want to try the Click n Drag Checkbox for Gmail extension as it allows users to select more than one message at the same time by dragging one checkbox. The traditional method of selecting every individual inbox message is a hassle, not to say time consuming.

Click-n-Drag Checkbox for Gmail allows you to select messages in batch (uncheck/check) allowing you to perform an action – delete, move to, etc. – on the batch.
Once the extension is installed, the user can then simply click a check box to select it and drag the mouse upwards or downwards, depending on the messages you want to select.  Once the selection is made, you can do the whole process over again without disturbing or affecting the previous selections. The same process can be repeated if you want to deselect the messages.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Save time in selecting batch messages.
  • Great for bulk actions.

Check out Click n Drag Checkbox for Gmail @

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