Thursday 23 August 2012

BlackBerry 10 devices incompatible with current BlackBerry Enterprise Servers: Report

When Research in Motion unveils its next major OS update, BlackBerry 10, it will introduce a range of new features that will certainly please BlackBerry loyalists the world over. While most of the features will sit well with BlackBerry users, a report that recently emerged claims that the current BlackBerry Enterprise Servers will be incompatible with future BlackBerry 10 devices.

As per a report by BGR, the author Jonathan S. Geller states, “We received word from a trusted source that RIM will be stopping development on the current BlackBerry Enterprise Server platform. We were told RIM plans to end development with version 5.0.3 — and only security patches will be issued after that — but RIM has publicly announced at version 5.0.4. Once that version is released, or soon after, RIM’s existing BlackBerry Enterprise Servers will not receive further updates”.

The report goes on to state that a new version of the company’s server is being prepared. This server is codenamed ‘NG’ for next generation. This forthcoming BlackBerry Enterprise Server edition will include the server software along with Mobile Fusion as well as support for QNX-based devices such as the PlayBook, and upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices.

The report states, “We have confirmed that this new BlackBerry Enterprise Server won’t support java-based BlackBerry smartphones like BlackBerry 7 devices, and we have also confirmed that in order for a corporation to support both devices, they will need to run both servers simultaneously”.

Research in Motion then contacted BGR and issued a statement, “RIM does not normally comment on rumours and speculation. As we announced at BlackBerry World, BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.4 will be available later this year and we will continue to maintain BlackBerry Enterprise Server well into the future. Research In Motion is a leader in enterprise mobile solutions and we are committed to continuing to innovate solutions that fulfill our customers’ requirements”.

This indicates that current generation handsets from Research in Motion will not be compatible with the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The report by BGR ends by stating that the new server will not handle a lot of the features the current one does, such as emails, contacts, and calendars. For the company to handle current and future BlackBerry devices, Research in Motion will need to run both systems simultaneously on the new and old servers.

The upcoming BlackBerry 10 is highly anticipated. RIM has also released its developer tools for BlackBerry 10. Building a strong library of applications for the new BlackBerry platform is crucial to its success as its existing library of apps is far smaller than rival offerings from Apple and Google. Many of its available apps are incompatible with the upcoming BlackBerry 10. RIM is struggling to reverse years of slowing sales, delayed and disappointing product launches, and an embarrassing global outage of its prized network.

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