Friday 31 August 2012

Redimensionneur: Batch Resize, Watermark & Suffix Photos

Do you ever need to deal with editing a large amount of images? At MakeUseOf, we do it all the time for article screenshots. Editing the dimensions of each image can be an inconvenient task, and having an easy to use app for changing the image size and adding suffixes is a life-saver. A great program for accomplishing this task is Redimensionneur.

One thing that makes Redimensionneur so awesome is that it can run right from the executable, so you do not need to install it on your machine. All the options for editing your images are available directly from the main interface, so you will not get lost clicking around too much.

To resize images, you simply select the images from your machine and specify the desired dimensions. The program will run through the process and give you your newly resized images.

You can also use this program to create thumbnails and add watermarks to your images. Before you resize them, you can check the box for creating a thumbnail and specify the size you would like the thumbnails to be. For watermarking, you just type the text you would like watermarkered on the image, and it will handle the rest. This app takes editing your images and makes it into a quick, one step process.


  • Resize a large number of images with one app.
  • Runs directly from .EXE so no need to install anything.
  • Also has a version with installer so you can keep settings.
  • Adds watermark and creates thumbnails in one easy step.
  • Change image format and add suffixes to the end.

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