Thursday 2 August 2012

BreakTaker: Get Handy Reminders To Stop Working & Take A Break

Using a computer for too long can be hazardous to your health. You never think about it because you are just sitting in a chair, but there is actually some serious risks that can come from sitting in front of a computer for too long. You may suffer from headaches, eye problems and even back issues. With this in mind, you might want to consider a light, Windows-based program called BreakTaker.

BreakTaker is designed to run in the background and remind you to take breaks from working regularly. Sometimes, when I am in the zone, I completely forget that I need to step away from the computer and clear my head, and BreakTaker helps snap me out of it, and reminds me to stop what I am doing for a few minutes and take a little rest.

By default, the program tells you to take a break every 55 minutes, but by right-clicking on the system tray and accessing the settings, you can set it to any amount you want. When break time comes up, the program will suggest some things to do, such as go and take a little walk. Sometimes, these suggestions can be very helpful.


  • Reminds you to stop working and take a break.
  • Runs in the background on Windows PCs.
  • Set custom break intervals.
  • Offers suggestions for what to do on your break.
  • Pause to get rid of break reminders when you are on a time crunch.

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