Friday 31 August 2012

Facetache: Add A Moustache To Your Images Online

I still remember the days when people used to have applications that allowed them to put funny frames and moustaches onto people. Well, here is a nostalgic app to revive those memories – now even more improved.

Facetache: derived from the words Face + moustache is an online website that allows users to load an image and apply a moustache to the face. The moustache can be chosen from a pre-loaded custom moustache inventory – about 12 of them in total.
The website is user-friendly and loads quickly making the whole process easy. Just open the website and use the “Load Picture” option to browse the images from Facebook or upload image from any URL.

You can then simply drag-and-drop the moustache you like onto the picture, edit the dimensions and rotate the moustache to make sure it fits properly on the face and click on the “Preview” button to view it. If you like it, just “Save” the image.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Add moustache on anyone in a few simple steps.
  • Upload from Facebook or any URL.

Check out Facetache @

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