Wednesday 29 August 2012

TweetInsight: View Most Trending Topics On Your Twitter Feed

As the name suggests, TweetInsight is an app that offers services related to Twitter, the micro-blogging website. Primarily a web application, the site is useful for people who need to access only selective information on their Twitter accounts. For the most part, TweetInsight helps you find out the most trended topics on your Twitter news feed, items with most hashtags and the most recent web pages shared by people on your contact list.

Once you log on to the website, all you need to do is to sign with your Twitter account. By providing your Twitter username/email and password, you authorize the app to access recent tweets in your timeline and give you insights about people following you on Twitter. This limits its use to just being a virtual highlighter for your Twitter account, which is not offering much when you can access your account directly just as easily.


  • Gives updates on what your Twitter friends are discussing.
  • Highlights most shared items and URLs.
  • Informs who is following you.

Visit TweetInsight.

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