Wednesday 29 August 2012

Gmail Attachments To Drive: Save Gmail Attachments Direct To Google Drive

Google has pitched itself in the race for online storage dominance with Google Drive. Although only released recently, it has proved useful for people relying on the ability to integrate their files with Google’s services.

Gmail Attachments To Drive is a Chrome extension that exemplifies this. It lets you save any attachments from Gmail straight to your Google Drive by adding a “Save to Docs” link on your received e-mail.

This feature might be simple, but it is very much useful for those who rely on Gmail while working on the cloud. With this extension, you can quickly sync your files on the cloud and on your computer without having to take the extra step of dragging and dropping files through folders.

Google Drive is a new product, and like newbies, it is yet to have the ubiquity of more mature apps like Dropbox. But with Google and the strong APIs behind it, we will see more apps harnessing the power of Google Drive. Chrome extensions like Gmail Attachment To Drive is just the start.


  • Chrome extension that saves attachments directly to Google Drive.
  • Generate “Save To Docs” on your e-mail.
  • Easily integrates with your e-mail message.

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