Sunday 26 August 2012

Better URL Bar: Change The Font Size Of Address Bar For Better Visibility [Firefox]

Working with a big monitor is always fun: everything is big, clear, and visible from a distance. But this does not apply to elements of a web browser. The font of the address bar in most web browsers is significantly smaller than the font on the webpage. This makes reading the address bar text problematic, especially if you are operating the browser on a big monitor from a distance. Here to remedy this problem for Mozilla Firefox is a tool called Better URL Bar.

Better URL Bar is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. As its name suggests, the add-on makes Firefox’s address bar ‘better’. It does so by enlarging the font used in the address bar. As you can see in the image comparison above, the font before the add-on’s usage was considerably smaller than after. The add-on can also be used to hide labels from the identity box and disable domain highlighting in the address bar.


  • A user-friendly browser add-on.
  • Compatible with Mozilla Firefox.
  • Increases font size of Firefox address bar.
  • Hides labels from identity box.
  • Disables domain highlighting in address bar.

Check out Better URL bar @

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