Friday, 5 July 2013

Sony starts rolling out official free security app for Xperia devices

My Xperia app allows users to remotely sound alert, lock, wipe data and also find its location in case device is lost.

Sony has announced the global roll-out of a security app for its Xperia phones. The app was announced earlier this year as a pilot project and was available only in Nordic region of Europe. Now the testing is over and Sony has announced the availability of "My Xperia" to all 2012/13 Xperia devices over the next few weeks.

My Xperia is Sony's remote security app that'll locate and protect your Xperia smartphone and personal data in case the phone gets misplaced. Using the app is fairly easy; you have to activate the app in your phone's settings and use Google ID to sign in to to access the central interface.

This interface will allow you to sound an alert remotely. It'll also override silent mode and wake the display, so that you can find your phone in case it's lost in your surroundings. You can also locate the phone on a map, just in case you lost it. You can lock the phone and send a message with your details so that phone can be returned to you and your information inside the phone remains safe. One can also erase both internal and external SD card data if required.

This is not the first such app, but is first such app from a smartphone maker. Also what is great is the simplicity of logging in with your Google account that you have already used for your smartphone, this helps people remember what to do, where to login etc, because as it is, you don't use such apps regularly. We will review the app once its available in India in next couple of weeks to find out how great it really is.

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