Saturday 6 July 2013

Reliance Games launches two new mobile action games

Of the Cosmo Combat and Borderwar Galactic Warfare games the first is based on an ancient alien race and the other is a casual 2D tower defense game, primarily for Google Play.

Reliance Games has launched two new mobile games for Android users. The games are called Cosmo Combat and Borderwar Galactic Warfare. The first is based on an ancient alien race and the second is a 2D casual tower defense game.

The Borderwar Galactic Warfare mobile game is a 2D casual tower defense game set in the future, sometime after the year 3000. There is a tower to defend against enemy waves and an upgrade system based on virtual credits that are earned within the game. The primary goal of the game is to clear all the enemies and progress ahead. The player can achieve this by using the primary cannon to destroy the enemies in each level. The enemy numbers keep on increasing as levels progress and the player has to be quick and plan his hits to succeed.

Cosmo Combat on the other hand allows users to join Captain Barros on his first mission into the deep recesses of our galaxy and fight an ancient alien race hell bent on destroying other civilizations. With the entire galaxy, including the human race, under the threat of these aliens, will Captain Barros be able to save the worlds and their civilizations! The fate of the galaxy is in the hands of gamers who can travel fast into the unexplored depths of space as they take the fight to the aliens' doorstep. Gamers can set their aim and shoot down the alien spaceships using cannons or missiles. The temporary shield generator can be used to make the ship withstand enemy fire. Gamers can earn star points by destroying the enemies and use these points to purchase various offensive and defensive upgrades. The game is in 3D.

One can download Borderwar Galactic Warfare from here and Cosmo Combat from here.

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