Saturday 6 July 2013

Plooky: Find The Weirdest & Most Interesting Articles On Wikipedia

The Internet is a vast place that contains information about almost every subject. From serious world and local issues to entertainment and celebrity gossip, you can find articles, photos, and videos about almost everything that you can think of. And archiving this immeasurable volume of information is the most popular online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. We use Wikipedia to find detailed information on any topic. Mostly however we use the encyclopedia to gain information for personal, academic, and work-related projects. But here to use Wikipedia as a source of entertainment is the highly interesting website called Plooky.

Plooky is a free to use website that will entertain you in a very unusual way – it will help you discover the most unusual yet interesting articles on Wikipedia. Given the amount of data and content there is on Wikipedia and the many topics covered, Plooky is able to extract many weird articles that are simply fun to learn about.

Using this fun website is extremely easy. You do not need to subscribe for anything or even sign up for any new accounts. The website can be used straight off its homepage. The weird articles are present on the homepage of the website right in the center in a reader friendly font. The articles are displayed with their title and a short description that provides you with the crux of the entire article. You are served one article at a time. You can quickly read and learn about one interesting topic and then move on to the next by clicking on the “click here for a new article” button.

Sharing links are located under every article entry. They make it easier for you to quickly share the interesting articles on your favorite online social network.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps you discover weird and interesting articles on Wikipedia.
  • Website design and font is very reader friendly.
  • Sharing buttons let you easily share articles online.

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