Saturday 13 July 2013

Moto X customisation options to include plastic, metal, wood & ceramic back covers [Rumour]

After the clearest sighting of Moto X in the hands on Eric Schmidt, a rumour about the customisation options of this smartphone is doing rounds of the blogosphere. According to a Google+ post by Taylor Wimberly (founder of Android and Me), there are going to be several material options for the back cover of Moto X.

Taylor notes that consumers will be able to choose between the default plastic, wood, metal, ceramic and even fabric as the material of their Moto X smartphone back cover.

According to him, wood and plastic options will be available at the time of launch, while the other options like ceramics will go live after the August 23 release (the same date, which was revealed in the leaked Verizon roadmap as the launch date).

If this is indeed true, it finally adds something exciting to the Moto X customisation part, which had started to look boring after there were reports that consumers will only be able to choose back plate colours and get their Moto X engraved.

Wimberly also notes that US telecom operator AT&T has secured some kind of exclusive for Moto X, it may be a back plate colour option or something else, but the exact nature of this exclusive is unclear right now.

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