Thursday 4 July 2013

Google to enable multitasking in YouTube mobile apps

Speculations rife about Google planning to take its YouTube app to the next level with new multitasking capability and other aesthetical features.

Google has been rumored of working to revamp its major mobile apps. Recently, the Gmail mobile app and the web interface got a major overhaul. Next in the line is rumored to be the YouTube app. The Verge Forums carried a post that pointed at an upcoming major update for the YouTube app. The YouTube app will get enhanced multitasking while the overall look would remain almost the same.

YouTube app is one of the widely used mobile apps on the mobile platforms for streaming videos and even movies. The app underwent several design changes so far and the latest one looks the decent one. Google plans to take the YouTube mobile experience to the next level with enhanced multitasking.

When the user starts watching a video, there will be a small arrow appearing in the top left corner. On tapping that arrow, a small window on bottom left side will appear. This window will let the user scroll through the videos.

This capability looks nice but might appear bit cumbersome for the devices with less than 4-inch display. As of now, there is no clarity on whether this new enhanced multitasking will be implemented to both iOS and Android apps. We shall stay alert for the updates and any information related to the YouTube App.

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