Sunday 14 July 2013

Amijo: Set Background Videos To View YouTube Videos In

Internet marketers have to keep coming up with innovative ways to share content and promote products with Internet users. Since people do not have a lot of time, the best marketing practice is to advertise things near the content that the user is already checking out (for example, placing ads to the side of a video that the user is already streaming).

While Flash ads and simple website ads fulfill this purpose appropriately, you can also make use of a brand new solution where content can be promoted and shared with people – by setting a background video for streamable videos. Here to help you do this is a web service called Amijo.

Amijo is a website that helps you in promoting content while sharing videos. The website helps you share a secondary video while letting the user view a primary video. The way this is done is quite innovative – by making the secondary video the background of the primary video.

To start, you don’t need to create any account on the website – just type in the URLs of the center video and background video (both of which should be YouTube videos). Next you set an external URL; this is the URL that the user will be taken to in case he finds the background video interesting and clicks on it. You can make the external URL the direct URL for the background so the user can view it clearly; alternatively you can have the user redirected to a product page for promotional purposes. Optionally, you can set a video title and custom URL for your Amijo page.

The Amijo page displays the primary video in the center with the secondary video is being played on the page as the background. Sharing buttons are given for users to easily share the video on online social networks. The direct URL of the Amijo page is provided under the center video frame.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Plays videos in other background videos.
  • Supports only YouTube videos.
  • Can be used for advertising and promoting.

Check out Amijo @

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