Sunday 14 July 2013

AltMove: Adds Functionality To Your Mouse When Interacting With Windows

AltMove is a useful application that adds functionality to your mouse when you interact with windows. For example, with some programs you can’t resize particular windows. With AtlMove you can force the resize on any such window. Or you can hide any window from desktop (to tray bar or completely) and restore it. Other functions include moving windows that don’t support this ability, changing opaque of a window and others.

To try out this application download it from their website. When you run the application, by default each action is turned on. Activate and deactive each action by pressing the “stop” and “play” buttons next to each action.


  • Adds functionality to your mouse when interacting with windows
  • Resize windows and controls that don’t support this ability
  • Move windows and controls that don’t support this ability
  • Hide any window from desktop and restore it
  • Change opaque of window
  • Assign key-mouse combination to standart menu items of different programs
  • Use mouse to start your programs and open documants from anywhere
  • Free downloadable application

Check out AltMove @

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