Tuesday, 7 May 2013

YouTube paid subscriptions from next week

Free videos would also be available under the model along with paid channels, according to a report

As speculated earlier this year, Google is all set to start the paid subscription model for YouTube and is looking for launching that as soon as next week, according to a new report.

Google reportedly is looking for an optional model, which will involve free videos and services as we see today along with paid subscriptions to channels as well. To start with Google will be going in with 50 odd paid channels being made available for subscriptions and users would be able to subscribe to them for $1.99 or Rs 100 as the starting price. The on demand content method will be a great new addition for content providers who struggle with advertisements and other monetizing methods for creating revenue.

The subscription model is likely to be adopted for online service to begin things with but will eventually be made available for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

YouTube today is a popular source of entertainment for mobile devices and Google can certainly not overlook this opportunity especially since Android is deeply integrated with YouTube.

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