Sunday 5 May 2013

Tweeting Earth: View Tweets From Different Timezones With A Scroll Of Your Mouse

If the normal search provided by Twitter is not enough for you, check out Tweeting Earth. It lets you search for and visually view tweets from different global timezones with a scroll of your mouse. Simply go to their website and search for a tweet by hashtag (e.g. #LondonOlympics) or keyword (search field is in the top right corner).

You will get a visualizaiton of tweets, grouped by timezone. Scroll up with your mouse-wheel to go west (Europe->US) or scroll down to go east (US->Europe). Click on a timezone to view the latest  tweets that originated from that geographical timezone.

You can view the number of tweets from each timezone and thereby see the region from which a particular tweet is originating the most. To search for a new tweet, you don’t have to leave the page. Simply enter the keyword/hashtag in to the search field at the top right corner


  • Twitter visualisation tool.
  • Search and view tweets grouped by timezones.
  • Scroll up/down with mouse to view tweets from west/east respectively.
  • No registration or Twitter account needed.
  • Search by keyword or hashtag.

Check out Tweeting Earth @

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