Friday 3 May 2013

Motorola XFON appears in leaked photos

So, is this how Motorola going to spell X Phone – XFON? Seems like that. Images of this so-called Motorola XFON have appeared online. Posted by evleaks, the phone in these images looks very similar to the prototype Motorola phone that was leaked in Vietnam few weeks ago.

There are no accompanying details and even part of the phone is concealed by some cover. Still, we can spot a few things in these images –the phone seems to be headed to AT&T in the United States and also, it is running on stock Android, as promised by Motorola design chief in a recent interview.

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We all know that Motorola is bringing new phones later this year and Google/ Motorola executives have already started singing praises of these phones. However, not much has been confirmed, most of what is circulating around is rumoured and there haven’t been any decent leaks.

If we leave the latest one from evleaks and the Vietnam spotting of Motorola phone, there is hardly any believable information present. We hope, Google ends the suspense and gives some real details about the upcoming Motorola phones at Google I/O 2013.

Update: Phone Arena has published some new information, which it has reportedly got from its sources. These sources confirm that the leaked images are indeed a real deal. The phone will be released on almost all telecom operators in the United States and it is still on schedule, unlike the reports of delay. According to the site, Motorola XFON will be launched in early-July.

PA also adds that the back seen in one of the pics is not the case and is the real back of the phone, which is made of polycarbonate material.

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