Sunday 12 May 2013

Google’s upcoming chat revamp will indeed be called “Hangouts”

Just days ago, we told you about the possibility that Google might be going to dub its upcoming Google Chat revamp and unified communication platform as “Hangouts.” Now, more evidence has appeared online suggesting that it is indeed true and we will be seeing Google Hangouts at I/O 2013 in the next five days.

UK tech site Techradar has received some screenshots from a tipster, which confirm the new branding of the Google’s unified communications platform.

Google Hangouts (previously code-named Babel) will be integrating all of Google communication offering like Google Chat, Gmail Chat, Google+ Hangouts and more in one app, which will accessible across the operating systems and platform.

Google is expected to unveil Google Hangouts Android, Chrome, iOS apps and it will be integrated in Google+ and Gmail.

Here are some of the Google Hangouts features, which were spotted in a JS file hosted on Gmail servers making it pretty authentic.

Access the same conversation list from anywhere
A new, conversation-based UI
Advanced group conversations
Send pictures
Improved notifications across devices
Check out few more screenshots of Google Hangouts.

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