Friday 17 May 2013

Google showcases revamped Google Maps for web, Android version coming ‘this summer’

As we had reported ahead of I/O keynote yesterday, Google showcased its redesigned Maps for the web at Google I/O 2013. Set to go live sometime in the coming weeks, new Maps aim to provide personalised and individual experience for the users.

“Today we previewed the next generation of Google Maps, which gets rid of any clutter in order to put your individual experience and exploration front and center. Each time you click or search, our technology draws you a tailored map that highlights the information you need. From design to directions, the new Google Maps is smarter and more useful,” Google noted in a blog post.

Google has included several new features that will be useful to the users including images from Google Earth, new user interface, personalised search, and integration of Google offers. You can request an invite to get early access to revamped web version here.

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