Friday 17 May 2013

Google Now updated, gets voice reminders and public transit data

Google has announced that it is bring a few new features to the Google Now on Android. Apart from the all the relevant information that Google Now has been providing Jelly Bean users, it will now also be able to remind users. Yes, according to Google, it now supports voice reminders.

You can now tell Google Now to remind you before doing something and it will trigger a reminder right when it is needed. The reminders can be set for specific time or even location.

“Google Now is about providing you with just the right information at just the right time. With the new reminders in Now, not only can you save things to remember later, but you can actually pick a time or place to trigger those reminders, so they pop up at just the right time. Because a note to buy milk, paper towels and food for the dog, is a lot more helpful when you’re actually at the grocery store. Or if you’re about to miss the last train home, Google Now can remind you that you better leave,” noted Amit Singhal, Google in a blog post.

Reminders aren’t the only new addition to Google Now, Now includes some new cards – public transit data, upcoming movies/ books/albums/ tv shows, and more.

Full change-log below

Reminders (e.g. say “remind me to buy milk this evening”, “remind me to take out the trash when I get home”)
Upcoming books, music albums, tv shows and video games you may like
Real time public transit updates (select cities)
Last train home (Japan only)

The update is live in Google Play via Google Search app.

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