Thursday 16 May 2013

Google brings a new version of the Map service

For the first time in 8 years since its launch, Google Map has got its first major revamp and is now more customisable with improvement in search.

Google has announced a major update for its Google Map service. This is the first time in 8 years of Google Map that it has got a major design overhaul.

The map is more customisable and now when you search for a palce, the map shows only the roads and landmarks you need to get there, the new Google Maps instantly changes to highlight information that matters most.

Just like Google Now, the new Map service learns from your usage pattern. When you do things like setting your Home and Work locations, star favourite places, write reviews and share with friends, Google Maps will build new maps with recommendations for places you might enjoy.

In addition to a customised map, search has also been improved. Search results are labelled directly on the map with brief place descriptions and icons that highlight business categories and other useful information, like restaurants that are recommended by your Google+ friends etc. Info. cards provide helpful information such as business hours, ratings and reviews, so you can quickly decide where to eat, drink and play.

Google has also added a new carousel that gathers all Google Maps imagery in one spot enabling you to fly through cities, walk canyon trails, climb mountains, and even swim the oceans. And on a WebGL-enabled browser, like Google Chrome, the carousel is also where you'll find the Earth view which directly integrates the 3D experience from Google Earth into the new maps.

Some other new features include smarter directions and tours generated from user-submitted photos. The service is currently available only on invitation. You can take a tour of the new changes and also request for an invite here. The change will happen in Android and iOS apps for Google Map as well, but no timeline has been provided.

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