Friday 3 May 2013

Details about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 prototypes revealed

With the Galaxy S4 out of the way, Samsung's next offering, the Galaxy Note 3, is the new target of rumours and speculations. According to SamMobile, rumours of three possible prototypes of the phablet are floating around, with the design of all three varying wildly.

One of the prototypes is said to use the same design as that of the Galaxy S4, the second one is said to use a completely different design and the third one is said to have a design with a flexible display. The third design isn't likely to make it, however, since Samsung is facing problems with flexible displays.

It is very likely that Samsung will end up going with the first prototype – this would go with the company's history. The first Note used the same design as the S2 and the Note 2 used the same design as the S3. If it does feature a new design, one of the possible routes for Samsung is a unibody design, like the HTC One.

Earlier this week, an alleged picture of a Note 3 was supposedly leaked. However, despite the phone looking like the Galaxy S4, there are more than a few things off about the leaked image.

Firstly, the bezel around the display looks a bit too much for a high-end Samsung smartphone in 2013. Moreover, the gap between the bottom of the display and the physical Home button is dubiously large. Secondly, the alleged model number of the device does not match up to Samsung’s usual naming convention.

The leak says that it is the GT-I9500, but that’s already taken by the Galaxy S4 and the Note series has so far had model numbers beginning with an N. And adding to the doubts is the fact that there's no Samsung logo on the device. If this is indeed the Galaxy Note 3, then we reckon it is an early prototype design and not the final thing.

SamMobile has pointed out that it is indeed not the Note 3. It is actually a picture of the ZOPO ZP950, which is a budget phablet with mid-end specifications.

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