Sunday 5 May 2013

Click-Free Browsing Extension: Scroll Webpages & Open Links Without Clicking [Chrome]

The Click-Free Browsing Extension for Google Chrome is a tool that allows Chrome users to browse their computers without having to click on anything. The extension just requires users to place their mouse icon on the option they want to select in their Chrome browser.

The tool has introduced browsing options that are displayed in the form of icons on the right side of the browser window. When you scroll the mouse icon on any of the options, you can easily scroll the page up and down as well as go forwards and backwards on their previously browsed pages.

The one thing to remember for Chrome users is that the extension is only applicable on http pages and will not work on the secure https websites.


  • Placing the mouse icon on the upper, lower or right side of the Chrome window enables automated scrolling in that direction.
  • Pages are not opened inadvertently. Instead, any link will only open if the mouse icon is placed on it for a few seconds.

Download Click-free Browsing extension for Chrome

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