Wednesday 1 May 2013

Apple iPhone 5S with 13 MP camera coming in July?

Leaked documents point at the possible arrival of the purported Apple iPhone 5S with 13 megapixel camera in the month of July.

Apple is reportedly working to bring its next generation iPhone sometime in the month of July. Apple enthusiast French website claimed to have got its hands on a Japanese Telecom major KDDI's document stating the arrival of the iPhone 5S in July this year. As of now, the authenticity of the document cannot be confirmed.

Apple has been working for the iPhone 5 successor since a while but has been tight-lipped in that regard. Rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 successor cite it to be an iPhone 5S - basically a tweaked version of the iPhone 5.

The leaked document indicates that the next iPhone will be dubbed as iPhone 5S and will arrive with a 13 megapixel camera sensor. This image sensor will bring several bunch of imaging capabilities to make the phone top class imaging smartphone.

Last year, Apple had applied for a patent that basically encompasses biometric features in an iPhone model. The leaked document hints that Apple will be integrating the fingerprint reading capabilities in the iPhone 5S model. It goes without saying that the iPhone 5S will get the next generation iOS 7 update whenever it is ready.

Based on the document, we concur that it is a promotion and marketing document and actual details might change whenever the iPhone 5S is closer to launch.

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