Friday, 10 May 2013

Amazon working on two smartphones including one with 3D display: WSJ

E-Retail giant Amazon is reportedly working on two smartphones, instead of the previously rumoured one, reports Wall Street Journal. The paper also reports that one of these two smartphone features 3D display.

According to WSJ, the 3D smartphone packs high-end specifications and the display can show 3D images without the need of glasses. The phone packs retina-tracking technology, which enables the images on the smartphone seem floating above the display like a hologram and appear 3D from all sides, paper notes.

Users may be able to navigate through content using just their eyes, WSJ added in the report quoting two of its sources.

Amazon seems to be planning a broad foray in the hardware segment with the previously rumoured set-top box, two smartphones, one audio steaming device and next-gen tablets.

WSJ adds:

Inside Amazon’s Lab126 facility in Cupertino, Calif., where each of the devices have been under development, the efforts are known as Project A, B, C and D, or collectively as the Alphabet Projects, the people said.
As per the report, we might see some of these hardware devices in the coming months but we shouldn’t be surprised if some of these are shelved due to some or the other reasons.

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