Sunday 17 March 2013

YouTube Ratings Preview: Know Whether A Video Is Good Beforehand [Chrome]

It’s happened often enough — we all go browse through YouTube looking for new and interesting videos. Whether it’s to simply kill some time or to find videos over our hobbies or other interests, we absolutely hate clicking on a video, thinking it’ll be what you expect, only to find out that it’s rather poorly done or just downright rude. Even worse, you don’t want to land on the classic rick roll video. How can you avoid all these nusiances on YouTube?

Use YouTube Ratings Preview. This little extension can easily allow you to figure out whether a video is actually worth clicking. All the extension does is display the ratings bar below each video’s thumbnail. The ratings bar is the what you find with every video, where a fully green bar means that the video has received 100% likes, while a fully red bar means the video has received 100% dislikes. The ratings bar is displayed underneath all thumbnails, both in the search results as well as in the suggested videos column.


  • Displays a ratings bar underneath all video thumbnails.
  • For Chrome.
  • Installs easily, just like all Chrome extensions.

Check it out @ the Chrome Web Store

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