Friday 15 March 2013

Windows Phone 7.8 update brings solutions for the older 7.8 upgrade

Tackling issues with live tiles and adding a few new features Windows 7.8 upgrade has started rolling out.

Following the launch of the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade for users globally users complained about several issues with the new OS upgrade for the devices. Acting quickly on the issues, Microsoft has announced the release of a brand new upgrade for the Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8 based devices. The upgrade comes in with a solution for the bugs that were discovered in the older operating system upgrade and adds a number of new features as well.

The older Windows Phone 7.5 came with a safety feature for the users pertaining to the live tiles that allowed live tiles to connect to the internet and fetch data but in the unlikely event of the data being unavailable at the source the live tiles used to stop fetching data after a few tries.

In Windows Phone 7.8 however the live tiles were not limiting the number of tries that they are making to connect or to download the data from the source resulting in up to 1 MB of additional data by tiles. The issue has now been resolved with the new upgrade and live tiles will no longer cost more data consumption.

Along with that the upgrade brings in 20 different customisable theme colors for the devices bringing it at par with the new Windows Phone 8 operating system. The lock screen has also been improved and now works against accidental swipes on the devices, along with that the lock screen also gets newer wallpapers everyday thanks to Bing search.

The upgrade has been rolled out by Microsoft and will be making their way to users in the following days as and when the device manufacturers do the necessary customizations for its roll out.

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