Sunday 3 March 2013

RecImg: Reinstall Windows 8 With Your Files & Installed Programs Intact

Windows 8 comes with a bunch of new features to offer its users. One of the most prominent new features is Refresh. Refresh lets you reinstall Windows 8 while keeping your files and Windows 8 apps intact. Any third party applications, however, are uninstalled. Here to build upon Refresh and keep your third party apps intact as well, is a tool called RecImg.

RecImg is free to use backup software for Windows 8 users. The application is small in size and installs quickly. You can use the app to create a backup of your files on a local or external storage device. You can then have the app execute a reinstallation of Windows 8 while keeping your files and applications intact.

When the installation is over, you will be able to use your PC just like before but with any system problems ironed out.


  • A user-friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Windows 8.
  • Can backup your files locally or onto external storage.
  • Reinstalls Windows while keeping files and apps intact.

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