Sunday 17 March 2013

OnlineVNC: Full-Featured VNC Client On The Browser

Working remotely on your computer usually requires a standalone desktop client. But these clients usually suffer from limited platform availability while making things complicated by forcing you to install the client when and where needed. Fortunately we have Online VNC, which is a software named for exactly what it does. It is an online client for your VNC that runs with minimal work from the user.

Despite being a browser-run client, Online VNC supports most of the core features of a similar desktop client. You can run servers remotely, perform logoff and lock, advanced file operations, desktop scaling and sharing, and more. While the web app includes a desktop viewer from the browser, it also plays well with other popular clients such as RealVNC, and UltraVNC.

Online VNC is also perfect for remote IT support to customers, with features like UAC support, app tracking and more. The online component also unlocks features like full screen, fit to screen, local cursor and keyboard support, and more.

The Ribbon UI used here is not lost to the whimsy of Windows users.  This makes it easy to bring a familiar interface to people who need to run a remote connection. This app is very useful for IT DIY projects, or tech support companies who need to connect to remove computers no matter what browser is used.

  • Online VNC that runs on Flash in your browser.
  • Ribbon UI for VNC server makes for easy execution of tasks.
  • Perform core tasks remotely from the browser.
  • Works well with other VNC clients.

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