Tuesday 12 March 2013

Nihongo Master: An Excellent Website To Help You Learn Japanese

Japanese is not an easy language learn. Especially for native English speakers, Japanese can be very difficult because of the different grammar structure and usage of words. For example, in Japanese you have different words for using ‘blue’ as an adjective and a noun – something the native English speaker will not find easy to get used to. Thus to learn Japanese, you need resources that are extremely explanatory and guide you properly at every step of the way. Perhaps the best way would be to learn from a native Japanese speaker but if that is not possible, then the internet is here to help: simply visit a website called Nihongo Master.

Nihongo Master is an excellent online resource for learning Japanese. The website starts from the absolute basics: different writing styles, vowels, word pronunciations, instructions on how to draw words, etc. Each lesson is expertly written and is very helpful for somebody starting to learn Japanese.

At the end of every reading lesson, you see what the next lesson is going to be about so you can judge whether or not you are prepared for it. You also find helpful comments left at the end of every lesson. These comments are by site visitors and further explain things; any questions you have after the lesson can usually be answered simply by reading the comments.

You can test your Japanese skills on the site by completing drills and exercises. Your progress is recorded by the site and if you are doing well, you can find your name on the site’s leaderboards. Ranks are recorded for the best daily Japanese learners, for best learners all time, and for that particular week.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps you learn Japanese.
  • Offers helpful lessons.
  • Offers word pronunciation, writing guides, and more.
  • Ranks best learners.

Check out Nihongo Master @ www.nihongomaster.com

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