Monday 4 March 2013

Logmote: Use Your Smartphone For Online Authentication

The next generation of online password storage and authentication is here. It comes in the form of a smartphone application called Logmote which uses QR codes rather than keystrokes to authenticate your password information.

The ingenious password storage system will enable you to use your smartphone as an authentication tool for your online activities, regardless of the browser or operating system you’re using to log in. All your login data is encrypted and stored on your phone, then backed up to the Logmote servers.

Your phone establishes a connection with your browser and allows you to log in to your favourite sites without keyboard contact. This keeps your data safe from keystroke logging and phishing techniques.

Watch a short promo video of Logmote in action to learn more.

Download the Logmote application for Android, iPhone. You can also download versions for Windows XP, Mac OS X and various browser extensions.


  • Secure authentication encryption methods.
  • Easy, automatic login to websites.
  • Safe way of avoiding phishing and keystroke logging.
  • Reliable online backup of data.

Check out Logmote here:

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