Friday 1 March 2013

Foap: A Marketplace For Your Photographs [iPhone]

Foap adds an interesting, and potentially rewarding, touch to photos you take on your iPhone. The recently launched iPhone app allows users to snap original pictures with their iPhone camera and put them up for sale using the app’s interface. Once you start uploading the pictures, Foap will prompt you for confirmation. Upon getting a positive response, it will then ask you to categorize the photo as either commercial or editorial.

You can also add tags to your photos, making it easier for people to find them and use them for their own specific requirements, which may range from advertising, blogging and even news printing.

For people searching for photographs, there is a section in the app called ‘Missions’ where they can type the particular tags they need to find the photos under.


  • Each picture up for sale is priced at $10, half of which goes to Foap.
  • Browsing for photos is made easy with the help of tags and with the introduction of the explore view.

Download Foap

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