Friday 1 March 2013

Chrome for Android now supports audio playback even when in background

It has been a problem for Android users that whenever they were playing songs or other audio in Chrome and switched to another app, the audio would stop. The latest version of Chrome for Android is here to fix it.

Google earlier today released version 25 of Chrome for Android, which among other features, brings the support for audio playback even when Chrome is in background.

Here is the full list of changes in new Chrome for Android:

  • Improved scrolling performance
  • Increased responsiveness to pinch-zooming on pages
  • Faster interactive pages thanks to the latest version of the V8 javascript engine
  • Audio now continues to play while Chrome is in the background
  • Expanded support for HTML5 features
  • “This update also picks up other important stability and performance fixes since the last release, along with some minor UI adjustments,” Google noted in blog post.

Download Chrome for Android from here

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