Friday 1 March 2013

A Truly Scaleable RGB, HEX, HSL & CMYK Color Picker

Web developers whose work involves graphic design often find themselves deciding which colors to use for their projects. For this, they require color code generation tools that will quickly provide them with the usable code for the colors they create through mixers. One such all-around color code generation tool is Colorjoe.

Colorjoe is a free to use web application that offers color code generation tools. The site offers two separate modules. The first one is an RGB color picker. Using this, you can use the slider and pointer to get your desired color. The corresponding RGB and HEX code are shown in the right pane and updated as you change the colors. The other module is an HSL color picker.

You can pick colors in the same way except that you also get a shade selector for the color you choose. In the right pane you can get values for the HSL code, CMYK code, and the value of the A field which corresponds to the color shade.

These color modules are also offered as downloads in a ZIP and TAR archives.


  • A user-friendly web app.
  • Helps you pick colors.
  • Generates RGB and HEX codes for colors.

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