Saturday 2 February 2013

Shady browser for Android to surf anonymously

The browser has features like password protection, no history traces, secure browsing etc.

A new browser for Android devices has been launched. Called as Shady browser, it brings many innovative features that help you browse internet privately and securely.

Private or anonymous browsing is required for many websites and on many occasions as well. Though many other browsers offer incognito mode, there is always a chance that you might forget to turn the feature on and then your browsing history might be traced.

The Shady browser, however, comes with a password that is required to get inside the browser. Also, history and browser bookmarks are also securely hidden.

The browser supports most features included in the native Android browser along with support for multiple tabs as well as a dedicated download manager. The browser at present does not support video playback within the application itself but the developer is working on the same and will include the ability in future versions of the application.

The Shady browser supports flash and thus all the flash based websites will work easily on the browser but the flash plug-in will be required on the device.

The application is available free of cost for Android devices through the Google Play application store and can be installed on devices running android version 2.1 and above.

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