Saturday 2 February 2013

QuicklyChat: Start Short Conversations Instantly [Windows & Mac]

Let’s face it, trying to start a small talk or conversation is much more difficult when done remotely over a computer rather than if you were able to simply walk up to the person. It would be much easier if you could do the same thing, despite being farther away than a simple walk. With QuicklyChat, you can instantly start up conversations as if you were standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

QuicklyChat is a simple chat program which, based on your availability, automatically answers any incoming calls. Due to how QuicklyChat instantly launches calls in this matter, the entire process of remotely calling another person is greatly simplified to the point where it’s become efficient again. The application controls your availability status by looking at which programs are currently running – if you’re using programs like Excel it’ll prevent people from bothering you, but if you’re hanging around on Facebook anyone’s free to call you. This way, you can still get work done and not be interrupted (or interrupt anyone else who’s doing the same).

When you’re done, simply hang up. The whole point of QuicklyChat is that there’s nothing more to it.


  • Instantly start talking to available contacts.
  • Makes you unavailable if you’re actually busy doing work.
  • Available for Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Based on Adobe Air.
  • Extremely simple.

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