Monday 11 February 2013

Google’s 2nd-gen Nexus 7 might run on Qualcomm SoC: Report

Next generation Nexus 7 table might come with Qualcomm processor instead of Nvidia, which provided SoC for the current version. Pacific Crest analyst Michael McConnell wrote in a memo that the new Nexus 7 tablet will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.

The analyst also believes that it will go on sale in Q2, 2013, which falls in line for the expected Google I/O debut of the tablet. It is possible that Google will announce the tablet at I/O, followed by the availability in the next ten-fifteen days.

“We believe NVIDIA has lost the application processor socket to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon APQ8064 chipset (S4 Pro) in the next-generation Google Nexus 7 tablet, which is scheduled to begin shipment in 2Q13,” wrote McConnell in the memo.

“Supply chain conversations indicate two reasons for Google’s selection of the Snapdragon APQ8064 over Tegra 4: (1) competitive pricing and (2) a decision to single-source the application processor and 3G/4G modem to simplify logistics and create a fully pin-compatible platform interface,” he added.

He also cut the Tegra sales estimate for the fiscal year, the loss of new Google Nexus 7 will cost the company by almost 10 million SoC sales (almost $200 million to $250 million in revenue).

Previous rumours have indicated that next version of Nexus 7 will come with a full HD display and thinner bezel. It is also likely to keep the same pricing.

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