Thursday 10 January 2013

Ubuntu OS images for Galaxy Nexus coming next month

When Canonical announced its Ubuntu OS for smartphones last week, it revealed that it will be releasing the system images optimised for Galaxy Nexus smartphone in the near future. Well, we now have a time frame for that.

Company revealed at CES that it will be releasing the system images as early as next month i.e. February.

An installable image of Ubuntu for the Galaxy Nexus handset, along with its source code, will be released ‘late February’, Canonical’s Alan Pope told OMG Ubuntu.

The blog speculates that the downloadable image release might coincide with Mobile World Congress, which is happening around the same time.

Taking into account the previews of Ubuntu running Galaxy Nexus from CES, Canonical will really need some work if it wants these upcoming system images to be usable for any real feedback.

Canonical, which is yet to announce any hardware partners, is using Galaxy Nexus as the development device for Ubuntu and even showcased the OS on the same at the launch conference.

The company also states that any smartphone, which is capable of running Android, should be able to run Ubuntu OS perfectly; however developer community will need drivers and other propriety binaries compatible with Ubuntu to run the OS properly.

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