Saturday 12 January 2013

Tasker App Factory: Create Automated Tasks & Turn Them Into Apps [Android]

While many consider iOS as having the more polished design interface, Google’s Android OS is touted as the winner in customized functionality. Only a few good apps get to display this particular strength of Android and Tasker is one of them.

This app allows users to create and schedule automated tasks within your OS, and now this app is made even better with Tasker App Factory. Though still in beta, this extension to Tasker lets you export and run individual tasks as standalone apps that you can use for yourself and share with friends.

The extra step of creating standalone apps for a set of automated tasks may not be for the average Joe, but for the large masses of customizers, this feature is more than welcome. Anyone can create these apps without programming knowledge and you can even upload or sell your APKs to Google’s Play Store. It is also gives us a nifty way to send automated tasks to different Android phones that do not have Tasker installed.

Tasker App Factory is currently in beta, but a final version is expected shortly. This app is a boon for anyone looking to extend the functionality of their phone and develop great use cases for automated tasks.


  • Only for beta testers.
  • Automate simple tasks in Android.
  • Once configured, tasks can work as standalone apps.
  • Expansion to the popular Tasker Android app.
  • Export profiles, tasks, and more.

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