Tuesday 8 January 2013

Super Missed Call: Enable Streamlined Features When You Miss A Call [Android]

When you miss a call, you might want it to go to voicemail. Although that may be a normal and accepted solution to missed calls, it would be great if we could do a little more with them. With Super Missed Call for Android, we can have more control over what happens with our missed calls.

The app allows you to do numerous things with your missed calls. You can flip your phone over so it’s facing down if you would like to ignore an incoming call. Once you are ready to call back whomever you missed, simply pick up the phone and place it next to your ear. Super Missed Call will then automatically dial the number of the missed caller.
You can also choose to schedule a reminder to call a person back when they tried to reach you unsuccessfully. Lastly, any other calls you missed without giving Super Missed Call any orders, will appear as soon as you unlock your device.

The app does come with ads, but there is a $1 ad-free version available as well.


  • Flip phone face down to ignore calls.
  • Pick up the phone and hold it to your ear to automatically dial missed caller.
  • Schedule reminders to call someone you missed.
  • Ignore missed calls altogether.

Check out Super Missed Call @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alucine.supermissedcall

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