Thursday 17 January 2013

Sony giving away one game a day for next 6 weeks

Sony's Playstation certified Xperia series smartphones and tablet along with HTC's One series android smartphones will now be able to get a free game every day for the next 6 weeks from Playstation mobile

Playstation certified devices do enjoy many benefits as they have access to the Playstation store. Now adding to their joy, Sony has announced a new offer under which they can now download many popular games of PlayStation.

Under this New Year Giveaway, Sony Playstation certified smartphones and tablets along with a few HTC smartphones who have recently been awarded PlayStation certification will be getting a new game everyday for the next six weeks.

Starting things with a nice note, Sony has made available the Samurai Beatdown game for users for today. The company hasn't revealed anything about the upcoming titles that will be offered, but we surely hope that some of the big ticket titles are also included in the giveaway.

This offer is presently restricted to users in Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Australia, as these are the only nations with PlayStation Store access at the moment.

While many new Sony Xperia range smartphones and the Xperia S Tab have been added to the list of devices with PlayStation access, the latest HTC One series smartphones including the HTC One X, One S and even the HTC One V were also added to the list last year.

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